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Publications are organized according to their primary research topics. If you have trouble accessing them, please contact the PI, Dr. Hongbo Yu. For the full publication list, please visit the PI's Google Scholar site listed at the bottom of the page. (*equal contribution; ^trainee)

Social Emotions

Shen, B., Chen, Y., He, Z., Li, W., Yu, H*., Zhou, X*. (2023). The competition dynamics of approach and avoidance motivations following interpersonal transgression. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (40), e2302484120 (journal link)

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Moral Cognition

Du, W*., Yu, H*., Liu, X., Zhou, X. (2023). Mindfulness training reduces slippery slope effects in moral decision-making and moral judgment. Scientific Reports 13 (1), 2967. (journal link)

Yu, H., Contreras-Huerta, L.S., Prosser, A.M.B., Apps, M.A.J., Hofmann, W., Sinnot-Armstrong, W., Crockett, M.J. (2022). Neural and cognitive signatures of guilt predict hypocritical blame. Psychological Science, 31(11), 1909-1927. (preprint | journal link)

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Yu, H., Siegel, J.Z., & Crockett, M.J. (2019). Modeling Morality in 3‐D: Decision‐Making, Judgment, and Inference. Topics in Cognitive Science11(2), 409-432. (full text)


Social Cognition and Perception

Yu, H., Lin, C., Sun, S., Cao, R., Kar, K., & Wang, S. (2023). Multimodal investigations of emotional face processing and social trait judgment of faces. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. (journal link)

Yu, H., Lu, C., ... Crockett, M., & Zhou, X. (2022). Explaining Individual Differences in Advantageous Inequity Aversion by Social-Affective Trait Dimensions and Family Environment. Social Psychological and Personality Science (journal link)

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